I will explain in detail how to get rid of the causes of dandruff.

In most cases, “dandruff” does not seem to be clean.
Therefore, I think that many people have had trouble with scalp dandruff.

I’m worried about dandruff caused by dryness. “Why do big dandruff appear?” What is the genuine type of dandruff in the first step?

What is Dandruff?

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Dandruff is “scalp stains.”
The scalp has repeated turnovers.

The skin and keratin of the head that no longer needed are scraped off and reborn as new cells.
If this cycle is disturbed, dandruff will occur.

Causes of Dandruff

There are the following two types of dandruff.

Dry Dandruff | The leading cause is “Dry Scalp.”

It is fluffy dandruff. The causes of this type of dandruff are;

  • The scalp is dry.
  • The scalp is damaged and has allergies, etc.

When the scalp is dried, the excess shampoo may wash away the necessary sebum, and the scalp may be dry.
A dry scalp cannot be turned over usually and will cause dandruff. Also, excessive brushing can damage your scalp.

Oily dandruff|proliferation of sebum and fungi

Possible causes of sticky and damp dandruff are;

  • Excessive secretion of sebum.
  • Malassezia fungus.
  • Weakened immunity, etc.

Everyone has Malassezia bacterium (an indigenous bacterium) on their skin. This bacterium produces free fatty acids, which cause inflammation of the scalp.
Since scalp fat is used as a nutritional source, bacteria will increase if there is much sebum. You end up in a vicious circle.

How much dandruff is produced?

Man has Dandruff

Even if you have dandruff or not depends on the quantity of dandruff. However, the amount is not fixed.
Accordingly, if you are caring about yourself or if you get dandruff, even if you are caring for it, you can call it dandruff.

What is the difference between those who have a lot of dandruff and those who have little dandruff? Is it different for men and women?

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The presence or absence of dandruff is related to your conditions.
The following may cause a large amount of dandruff and do not stop;

  • Those who use shampoos that have strong detergency.
  • People whose diet is interrupted (such as excessive intake of lipids).
  • People who are not getting enough sleep.
  • And People who are stressed.

Dandruff can occur in both males and females and adults and children.
Indeed there is a large conception in man, but the relationship is “Seborrheic dermatitis” might have been.

The androgen (aldosterone) activates the sebaceous glands. Doing so may increase the amount of sebum and may cause dandruff.

For women and children

In women, hormonal imbalance can cause dryness and dandruff.
Additionally, children may get dandruff due to early turnover (skin rebirth).

Why do significant dandruff and lumps appear?

If the skin is greatly peeled due to drying, it will become “Large dandruff” or “Lump.”
Also, in the case of oily dandruff, dandruff may stick together and appear large.

How to deal with dandruff

Check it out at the hospital!

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The idea of going to a hospital for dandruff is rare.
However, you may be given a suitable shampoo or a prescription ointment.

Besides, itching may also cause dermatitis.
If you get a lot amount or if you are anxious, ask your dermatologist to check carefully.

Anti-dandruff measures

I have summarized the following methods to improve my condition.

Care for the Scalp

If the scalp is thickened, blood flow will weaken, and turnover will not be successful. Gently massage your scalp, not only during shampoo but also during the day.

Change eating habits

Try to avoid greasy things.
In meal, balance is also important to you, even high-quality protein for cell regeneration let’s take.
(soybean products, fish, chicken, etc.)

Secure sleep time

Skin turnover occurs while sleeping.
It is called good time, and turnover is active from 11:00 to 2:00 in the evening.
It is essential to sleep during this time.


Some diseases resemble dandruff, such as sebum-deficient dermatitis and psoriasis. If you are still having trouble with the methods mentioned above to improve your condition, you may want to consult your dermatologist.


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