Have you ever felt that your skin condition is not good nowadays even though you haven’t changed how you apply lotion? It may not suit the care method, and current skin has become thin and vulnerable to irritation. How to apply lotion correctly, which improves skin condition all year round? Let’s aim for moisturized skin from the inside with simple care introduced this time.

Timings to apply lotion Correctly.

The most effective time to apply lotion is immediately after washing your face. I think many people practice it in the morning, but how about getting out of the bath at night? Many people wipe their bodies, put on their clothes, wipe their hair with a towel, etc.

At first glance, the skin feels moisturized, but when you wash your face, sebum runs off, and your body temperature rises, so the inside of your skin is arid. That’s why you need to rehydrate as soon as possible.

Gently wipe off sweat and moisture with a towel, and then apply lotion at the latest within 5 minutes after getting out of the bath.

Apply lotion gently with both hands so as not to rub the skin.

Even with the same lotion, the effect may differ depending on applying it. Applying a sufficient amount correctly and carefully is the shortcut to moisturized and beautiful skin.

For older skin, we recommend the Gently apply with both hands method. After menopause, the secretion of female hormones decreases sharply, and the substances such as collagen that produce the skin also reduce. Since the skin is thinner and more vulnerable than when you were young, even a slight stimulus such as tapping with your hands or putting with cotton can damage your skin, which can cause spots and wrinkles. It can happen.

It is also essential to use the proper amount. Even if it is an expensive lotion, if the amount is small, the original power of the cosmetics will not be exhibited, but it will also cause the skin to be rubbed by trying to stretch the small amount.

The two most important points for vulnerable age skin are to apply by hand without rubbing and to use an appropriate amount. Then, I will explain in detail how to spread it.

Lotion on hand's palm

After applying the lotion, spread it from the palms of your hands to your fingertips and gently warm the palms together. You were making the lotion the same as the body temperature makes the skin easier to accept and penetrates more and more.

Apply lotion with both hands

If you rub it to make it penetrate quickly, it will hurt your skin, so it is NG. Apply lotion gently as if you wrap it in the palm of your hand. First the entire cheek, then the chinforehead, and nose. The area around the eyes and mouth is fragile and easy to dry, so use your fingertips to apply it to your skin gently. When your hands are so firm that they stick to your skin, it is a signal that they have penetrated.

Care after the lotion is also important.

The role of lotion is to moisturize. To not let the moisture escape, it is necessary to cover with oily milky lotion or beauty essence after the lotion. Balancing the water and oil content makes it possible to nurture skin with a high barrier function that can withstand the intense ultraviolet rays and the severe dryness in winter.

I introduced how to apply lotion to deliver moisture to aged skin, but how was it?

By paying attention to the two points of “apply by hand without rubbing” and “use an appropriate amount,” you can keep your skin moisturized and beautiful without damaging your thinned age skin.

It’s an easy method, so please try it today.

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