Blog Beauty Tips experts will teach you how to choose a lotion that suits age-related dry skin. It is sebum, not water, that is lacking in elderly skin. We will also explain why you need lotion, suitable for dry skin, and cream for winter elderly skin.

What is lacking in age skin is Sebum.

As the temperature dropped, the dryness of the face and skin of the hands suddenly began to become a concern. When the minimum temperature falls below 10 degrees, leave at the beginning of full-fledged moisturizing care. I would like to talk about measures to prevent skin dryness that you want to start tomorrow.

It seems that many people think that their elderly skin is dry due to a lack of water, so they tend to choose a moisturizing lotion in winter. However, this image seems to be the cause of misunderstanding care in the first place.

First, look at the Data below.

Stratum corneum wanter content and age

Surprisingly, the water content of the stratum corneum does not change much between the 20s and 50s (excluding the corners of the eyes). After menopause, the elasticity and amount of collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin firm are lost as estrogen decreases, so you may feel that the water content of the skin has dramatically decreased.

Sebum volume and age

On the other hand, the amount of sebum on the skin decreases with age. When you’re 50, you’re about two-thirds of your 20s. It seems that sebum is an unnecessary substance that causes stickiness and rough skin, but it is actually an important substance for moisturizing.

Sebum comes out from the inside of the skin and functions to trap moisture. It may be easy to imagine that the body makes a high-quality natural cream to prevent the skin from drying out. It is this oil that replaces sebum that must be positively supplemented as a measure against dry skin.

A lotion that is easy to penetrate into the skin

essential for moisturizing the skin

However, lotion is also essential for moisturizing the skin. It’s a good idea to choose a type of lotion that contains a moisturizing ingredient rather than moisture. We recommend using a dry system to penetrate moisturizing ingredients into dry skin in winter.

On the other hand, we do not recommend this type of lotion that is thick. When it is spread on the skin, it has a strong presence and has a heavy texture. Perhaps because of that, my skin feels moist, but the opposite is true. Such lotions often contain sugars for thickening. Since sugars are high molecular substances, they tend to be difficult to penetrate into the skin.

After applying the lotion, the cream is layered so that the film does not dry, so I think it is more comfortable to use this type with a refreshing feeling.

In addition to this, we also do not recommend using a wipe-off lotion in the future. However, in winter, metabolism is low and turnover tends to be slow. You can remove the stratum corneum, so use it once a week as special care to remove dull skin.

A Cream that traps Moisture is essential for winter Dry Skin

There is nothing that a moisturizing cream should be this product as long as it can prevent the release of moisture and moisturizing ingredients from the skin.

Most of them have various functions such as whitening + firmness/elasticity and moisturizing function, so please choose according to your skin problems. Sometimes the counselor asks, Is it better to have a high-priced creamwhich is more expensive?

Rubbing a small amount is irritating and burdening to the skin. The effect will only appear if the appropriate amount is continuously applied. I also try to choose what I can continue to do, both in terms of effort and price.

For those who use the all-in-one type, the cream is better than gel in winter, so it is recommended because it will cover your skin. Thanks

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