Choose a concealer to eliminate skin color problems that the foundation can not hide. You can quickly get rid of blemishes, which are troubles with many age-related skins, inconspicuously! Please understand.

Skin color problems are divided into blue, red, and brown

It may sound a bit complicated when it comes to skin color problems. But the principle is surprisingly simple. The three bluered, and brown pigments make up color problems such as stains and effects.

The role of the concealer is to add another color to this pigment to blend it into the skin color. First, let’s look at the troubles and causes of each color.

three pigments of blue, red, and brown

The trouble with the blue system

The leading cause, such as blue bears under the eyes, is the stagnation of blood circulation. The skin becomes bluish because it becomes bluish when blood vessels deep under the skin become blocked.

The trouble with the red color

Red is the color of blood vessels, such as red in winter and red due to inflammation. It is noticeable by the expansion of capillaries near the skin’s surface.

Brown-type troubles

The black melanin in the basal layer of the epidermis, on which the epidermis (horny layer, etc.) above the basal layer rides, looks like brown stains/freckles. The amount of melanin and skin color affect the darkness of brown.

Other common skin color problems with age skin are acne scars with a mixture of red and brown and brown bears with a combination of blue and brown.

Each of the three colors has an erasing color that approaches the skin color

color that approaches the skin color

There is a color that turns into a skin color by overlapping it on blue, red, and brown, which is a problem of skin color, so to speak, erasing stain.

  • Blue = orange or orange-tinted beige
  • Red = yellow or green
  • Brown = pale pink or beige

In other words, if you are worried about blue bears, apply orange or orangeish beige concealer, and if you are concerned about redness, use a yellow or green concealer to get closer to the skin color.

If two blue, red, and brown colors are mixed, add the respective colors. If you have acne scars with a mixture of red and brown, “yellow and green + pink and beige,” and with “tea brown bear” that has a mix of blue and brown, add “orange + pink” and “beige” to make your skin color more noticeable.

An ideal concealer that eliminates stains is a color that approaches your skin color

We talked about choosing a concealer color that suits skin problems, but this is just the basic story. Especially in the case of spots, even if it is generally called brown, the same person’s face has different shades. Since the original skin color differs from person to person, “erased color” is also subtle depending on people and stains. It will be different.

If it is a very light brown stain, it can be hidden on the skin with the foundation alone. If it is a slightly brown stain, it will be unnoticeable by overlaying a beige concealer similar to the foundation color. Since the colors are identical to those of the foundation, only the painted part will not float.

The difficulty is in the case of dark stains that can’t be hidden with a color close to the foundation. The skin tones made of “stainless brown + pink (beigeconcealer” may not match the original skin tones. It’s NG because if you try to add a color that makes the skin appear white, it will give a different look even if the brown color disappears. For this reason, we have to find an eraser that gives “spot color + concealer color = my skin color.”

When choosing an eraser, you have to put it on the exact spot like the foundation and try it to fit the skin tone. Compare the degree of familiarity with brown and the degree of floating from the skin color, and select the one with the least visible spots.

 how to choose a concealer
A. No application, B. Foundation application, C. Pink and beige concealer mixed, D. Pink concealer only. It’s floating white.

There are more and more concealer color variations, such as light beige, dark beige, pink more than yellow, and reddish pink, so you should be able to find a color that matches your stain and skin tone. If you can’t find a matching color with a single color, you can blend multiple colors or paint various layers to create an eraser color.

How to choose the type of concealer

Concealers include pencils, brushes, and palette types. The textures vary from liquid to solid class, but if you want to put it on spots, etc., in a pinpoint manner, we recommend the pencil type or stick type.

You can apply it, but use a tip or brush if it does not work well. Be careful as it can be spread easily with your fingers. The concealer spreads out, and the part covered with pinpoints is ruined.

However, if the concealer’s foundation and power are different, you will get a thick coating feeling, so please choose one that is compatible with the foundation you are using. Selecting the product after trying it to see the compatibility is essential.

The correct order for applying the concealer is after the foundation

Many people think that the concealer should fix the skin color problem before applying the foundation, but the correct answer is the opposite. Concealer is applied after the foundation. This is to prevent the applied concealer from spreading on the foundation.

Also, if you apply it before the foundation, you will be worried about spots that the foundation can hide, and you will need to use the concealer in vain. Don’t make a mistake, as this is the primary color, pinpoint, and only the spots that the foundation could not hide are colored.

Let’s spread it on the image with the image of putting it lightly on the stain instead of stretching it. Please be careful not to apply force. However, use it before the foundation if you want to apply a concealer with high coverage that makes bruises and scars inconspicuous.

Depending on the color and skin condition, you can use a specially developed cosmetic instead of concealer to make it more inconspicuous. I gave up, saying I can’t hide it well, and on the contrary, I painted the foundation thick to hide it. However, if you can find an eraser that suits you, you can eliminate it simply by overlaying it on the foundation. Please give it a try.

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