Make your aged skin look beautiful! How to choose lipstick is surprisingly difficult even though you apply it almost every day. If you choose a bright color, it feels like it is floating from your skin, and if you choose a calm color, your face looks dull. I asked the experts to teach me how to choose and apply lipstick color that suits In age skin.

The correct answer is to choose a “Clear Dark Color” for aged skin.

Recently, I have heard voices from people of the same generation saying, I have been applying bright lipstick since I got older, and I have come to like red lipstick. Actually, this is the correct answer! In lipstick, the brighter the color, the more contrast it has with the skin color, making a face and skin look brighter.

For people with light skin tones, applying light beige or light pink lipstick will make the skin look beautiful, but for people with dull skin tones, applying light color lipstick will make the skin look dull. Therefore, the correct answer is to apply a clear, dark lipstick to age skin that tends to be dull.

Illustration art applying lipstick
When (left) a person with light skin and (right) a person with dull skin wear light pink lipstick
Illustration art applying lipstick color
When a person with dull skin wears bright lipstick and light pink lipstick

The basic choice of lipstick color is to match the skin color.

Lipstick is basically the same as cheek, and it is basically matched to the skin color. Orange, red, and purple are suitable for people with yellowish skin. If you choose a yellowish color such as salmon pink for pink or vermilion for red, it will be familiar to your skin, and you will not see only your lips floating from your face.

Also, for example, even if the same red is used, if you choose bluish red for pink skin and yellowish red for ocher skin, it will be more familiar to your skin.

Illustration art applying correct lipstick
(Left) Pink blue-based skin (Right) Ocher yellow-based skin

Choose a lipstick with a color (tone?) That matches your skin tone from among the clear dark colors. This is the secret to making it look beautiful.

Appropriate luster is important for lips with age skin!

Lips in the 50s
Lips in the 50s

What I want you to pay more attention to than choosing a color is the gloss of your lips. Without luster, your face will look dull. The moisturized, slightly healthy luster makes your face look brighter with the soft-focus effect.

Most of today’s lipsticks are glossy, so you don’t have to use gloss to make them glossy. However, glossy lipsticks often contain much, which is easy to flow and may spread to fine wrinkles around the lips. Especially when the color is dark, the flowing will be noticeable. When choosing a lipstick, be sure to choose one that is glossy and does not flow.

Fine wrinkles around the lips are due to aging and dry skin. The area around the mouth dries easily, so moisturize the lips and the surrounding skin with cream.

In addition, the matte-textured lipstick that has been popular since the fall and winter of 2018 has noticeable vertical wrinkles on the lips, so it is not recommended for age skin.

Relationship between lip moisturizing care and lipstick.

Lip balm is essential for the care of dry lips. However, I hear that many people are worried that if you apply lip balm before lipstick, you will not apply lipstick cleanly.

Lip balm is oily and has a low viscosity, so it isn’t easy to put lipstick on it, and it may not develop as expected.

However, to protect your lips, you should apply lip balm as a base. However, thinning is enough. All lipsticks contain oil, especially glossy lipsticks containing oil as a glossy ingredient, preventing the lips from drying out. Many lipsticks on the market have a lip care effect, so you may want to give it a try.

By the way, the key to distinguishing whether lipstick has much oil is its softness. Don’t you feel that the melty lipstick wears off quickly? This is evidence of much oil. Matte textures are hard because they have a large amount of powder.

The expiration date of lipstick and how to apply lipstick that looks attractive.

Use up your lipstick every 3 years. Is this okay? If you think about it, you should use the smell as a guide. If you smell oxidized oil, stop using it. I have been asked before, and I am sweating my lipstick, is it okay to use it? But this is just because the oil has melted out because the product was placed in a warm place. It is okay to use it, but if it still smells oxidized, stop using it.

Woman applying lipstick

Basically, you can apply the lipstick directly. However, raising the corners of the mouth makes it look brighter and more attractive, so it is recommended that you brush only the edges of your lips. That way, you can get fine and clear lines, and there is no protrusion.

With age skin, fine wrinkles around the mouth increase, the borderline of the lips is blurred, so it isn’t easy to take a beautiful contour. I often hear it. It isn’t easy to draw along the border of the lips or smaller than the lips, so apply a little larger. That actually looks more attractive. Also, the shorter the distance from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip, the more elegant it looks.

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